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The Best Comfortable Pants for Petite Women on Amazon Right Now

If you’re on the petite side, you know how challenging shopping for pants can be. You either spend a fortune on tailoring or you have very few pants. Online shopping for pants that fit without needing to be altered can feel nearly impossible. Here are five incredibly comfortable pants for petite women that are perfect for relaxing, working from home, corralling kids, traveling, or all of the above.

Super Soft Joggers

Everyone needs a well-fitted pair of comfortable joggers. Great for running errands, they look put together despite feeling like pajama pants. These LA12ST joggers are buttery smooth and short in length, making them the perfect jogger for petite women.

Promising review:

I have 3 pairs and will be buying another 1-3 pairs haha. I love these so much! They’re the most comfortable pair of joggers I own. They’re Definetly not a workout jogger unless you did like yoga or something. They’re more soft and buttery, and for like cozy! I use them to sleep in a lot, or go out in about in. Wore the heck out of them this weekend. I think I wore all 3 pairs. Lol they’re true but I size. I got a small. These 3 pairs also are not my first time having them. I had two pairs in the past, lost weight and got smaller sizes, so I’m very pleased with them. Will buy again!”

Buy them here.


Casual Linen Pants

Linen pants are another closet staple. They pair easily with a sweater, plain T-Shirt, or button-down. You can dress them up or dress them down. But they’re always comfortable. These LNX women’s linen pants are advertised as high-waisted, but they can also be worn lower with a slight drop-crotch look. Their capri-length makes them perfect for women on the shorter side.

Promising review: 

Was skeptical at first based on some of the reviews but these pants are GREAT for the price. They were well packaged with no damage (came rolled in a sturdy plastic case). Material is comfortable and durable. I am short with big hips and thighs. These pants fit comfortably and perfectly for my hard to fit shape. They WILL shrink after a wash, but this actually helped make them the PERFECT length. They look great with a warm weather casual or more dressy outfit. These were my go-to vacation pants.”  

Buy them here

Wide-Leg Yoga Pants

These capri-length, wide-leg yoga pants are suited for all your yoga needs. They’re also suitable for your binge-watching needs. They come in a wide array of neutral colors and they’re so breezy and versatile, you’ll be tempted to buy more than one pair. 

Promising review:

Fits well. Nice material-not too heavy or too light. Wear around the house, running errands, to the gym, home workouts, walking. Available in a number of colors.” 

Buy them here

Cropped Corduroy Pants

Want to look like you put some thought into your ensemble but still feel like you’re wearing lounge pants? These cropped corduroy pants are exactly what you’re searching for. Made from a light-weight corduroy material with an elastic waistband, these pants are also extremely comfortable. The fact that they’re cropped makes them the perfect fit for petite women. You can either wear them rolled up for a more casual look or rolled down for a cleaner look. Either way, these pants are super cute. 

Promising review:

“Must buy. I would recommend to measure first before buying. They fit perfect! Size chart was accurate. I’m 5”3 and they’re not too long for XXL. Normally I’m having to roll up my pants. They aren’t too tight around my waist. The portions fit perfectly on me. as my hip/bust area is bigger than my middle of my tummy area. It makes it hard to find jeans that actually fit past my butt. And fit on my waist as well. I love these pants they’re so comfy I could wear them all day every day. Will be getting more of these pants.”

Buy them here.  

2 Piece Lounge Set

Two-piece lounge sets are an easy way to feel put together while remaining comfortable. This matching Tankaneo set comes in four different colors (black, caramel, gray, and light blue) and includes a fitted top and wide-leg bottoms that can be worn separately or together. The fabric is a soft and lightweight knit ribbed material that makes the outfit comfortable for all-day wear. 

Promising review:

I was immediately impressed by the quality of the fabric! It’s def not your typical Amazon or shein quality purchase. I’m 5ft and approx 110-113lbs and the length and top fit was perfect.

I purchased this for loungewear and running errands. But I also see this as the perfect airport fit. Super minor detail, which won’t stop me from buying more esp. the brown one, is that I’m not crazy about how you can see my dip hips and all the lumps lol.. not a game changer, because the pros outweigh it 100%. This would be super cute w a puffer vest during a Cali winter.”

Buy the set here.


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