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'Linda Vista' at the Mark Taper Forum

Ian Barford as Wheeler | Craig Schwartz ‘Linda vista’ is Spanish for ‘pretty view.’ Though San Diego might seem like an idealized setting, the contents of this story are far from pretty. Prior to entering the theatre I heard two young people, somewhere in their young 20s, talking about the show. “It’s about a guy who has a huge midlife crisis.” Linda Vista, at the Mark Taper Forum until Feb. 17, written by Tracy Letts and directed by Dexter Bullard, follows antihero Wheeler (played by Ian Barford) as he attempts to construct a completely different version of his life, brick by brick, in the midst of his divorce. Certain audience members would tell you Wheeler’s a pessimist, others: a realist. Wherever you land, it was immediately pretty easy to see that this character is hard to love. The preshow involves Wheeler and his friend Paul (Tim Hopper) moving Wheeler out of his wife’s garage and into his new two bedroom apartment in Linda Vista. Wheeler has a bad hip, a constan